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Guide to Playing Bingo on Kindle

The Kindle started life as a mere e-reading device. It allowed users to download books straight on to the device and read them anywhere and whenever they wanted to. However, this wasn’t enough for its founder, Amazon. The tablet market was expanding and Amazon saw an opening that needed filling. Lo and behold, Amazon brought onto the market the Kindle Fire. An e-reader that could do so much more. It can be used for watching films, surfing the net, listening to music, reading books and let’s not forget Kindle Bingo.

The Kindle Fire is easily on a par with most tablet devices

There are a number of advantages to using a Kindle Fire when it comes to playing mobile bingo. The system it uses is a customised Android operating system, making it compatible with the majority of online bingo sites. The screen is a little larger than many tablet devices which lends itself to playing Kindle bingo and allows for higher quality of graphics and better resolution. There is something else which gives it a bit of an advantage compared with other tablet devices. Something that’s been humorously called a “MayDay” button can be used to contact live support 24 hours a day.

The Kindle Fire also comes in a little bit cheaper than other big name brands, for example, the iPad. The Kindle Fire even has its own app store where you can find Kindle mobile bingo apps. However, there are a few downsides worth mentioning. Firstly, the Android software is not compatible with certain games and mobile bingo apps. Secondly, the processing power is not up there with those of some other tablets. But let’s face it, its main use is still meant to be as an e-reader. For playing bingo the Kindle fire is more than adequate anyway.

Do you need to download an app to play bingo for real money or are there Kindle-friendly sites?

Play Your Lovely Bingo On Your Kindle DeviceWhen it comes to playing bingo for real money using a Kindle Fire you have a couple of options. Either download a Kindle bingo app, or visit an online bingo site by typing the address into the mobile browser. If you want to play with real money the options for downloading an app are rather limited. Not many bingo apps allow you to play with real money. Instead, they are designed more for just fun. There are a few bingo sites that have a downloadable bingo app, but the majority provide services for mobile players by way of a mobile-friendly site. There isn’t really much more to be said about playing bingo using a Kindle Fire. So let’s explain why mobile bingo has managed to gain such a loyal following.

Why are more and more players playing bingo using a mobile device?

It wasn’t so very long ago that playing bingo online meant sitting at home in front of a computer. And now we come to look back it’s a wonder it ever caught on. Nevertheless, mobile bingo on a Kindle, Android, iOS or Windows device has taken the online bingo market by storm. Bingo is in fact, well on the way to becoming one of the most popular mobile games. There are a number of reasons that can be given for its current popularity. For example:

  • It’s so easy to play bingo on the go using a mobile device – The very nature of bingo means it’s a game that is played very quickly. When played for real money the speed of the action means there can be some very swift rewards. Playing bingo using a Kindle Fire or any other mobile device means you can do it anywhere. You could be standing in a queue or commuting to work. In fact, any moment of the day you’ve got five or ten minutes to spare it could quite easily be spent enjoying a game of online bingo.
  • Access to mobile bingo games is instant – Whether you use a Kindle Fire, Android Phone, Windows device or Blackberry, there will be a game of bingo you can access. There are bingo apps and mobile optimised sites and games compatible with almost every kind of mobile device. There is more choice for Android and iOS devices, but even less popular systems will have a selection of sites they can visit or mobile bingo apps available for download.
  • Mobile bingo games tend to be much easier to play – In the process of writing our bingo site reviews we actually get to test a number of different mobile games. And we’ve found that a large number of them are much easier to play than their online counterparts. Navigation is much simpler as it has been modified to suit smaller devices. Having a touch screen makes playing easier and faster, while at the same time adding the extra element of interactivity. Mobile games are optimised for speed and have you the user in mind.
  • The advantages of social networking – Online bingo has a very big social element and being able to chat to chat room hosts, as well as other players, adds so much more to the fun. Social networking has become such a huge thing nowadays that most mobile bingo sites have incorporated it into their games.

Now you are aware of the advantages of playing bingo using a mobile device there are going to be a few of you who can’t wait to do some research and find a mobile app or mobile site that ticks all your boxes. There are pages of this site that will come in very useful when you start your research. We have written reviews, not just of online bingo sites, but also software, networks, bonuses and payments. Heaps of helpful information that will save you some of the legwork. Keep us as one of your favourites because we’ve got lots more to share. We enjoy a game of online bingo as much as you do and want to help you enjoy the best experience possible.