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Guide to Using PaySafeCard Bingo Sites in Ireland

Choosing the right method for you to make a deposit at your favourite online bingo site isn’t always easy since there are a broad spectrum of ways of making payment. However, when it comes to convenience and speed of transactions, the PaySafeCard is probably one of the top options available. This popular payment method is now accepted by many online bingo operators, and it is a safe and simple way of paying funds into your gaming account. There are now a lot of PaySafeCard bingo sites to choose from which allow players to securely and anonymously transfer funds.

Deposit Amounts Available With PaySafeCard

All bingo sites for Irish players require players to deposit a certain sum as a minimum deposit amount before they can begin playing. When using the PaySafeCard you have a choice of denominations. You can top up in increments of £10, £25, £50, £75 or £100, so you can easily choose the right amount to suit your budget. Usually the minimum amount required as a deposit from most Irish online bingo sites is around £10, so the smallest top up amount should be adequate for your needs. When using the PaySafeCard your account will be topped up instantly so that you can begin playing straight away without having to wait for your funds to clear.

What Should I Know About the PaySafeCard?

PaySafeCard bingoThe PaySafeCard has many similarities to the old school phone top up card or traditional gift cards with a modern touch for the 21st century. Purchased in the form of an actual physical card, you simply ask the retail store to load up the card with the amount you need and you will receive a 16 digit PIN number which you then enter on the bingo site to credit the loaded funds to your account. It is worth noting that not all of the funds on your card need to be transferred at one time – you can leave a balance on the card which then remains available to be spent at a future time. The PaySafeCard is sold in over 50,000 retail outlets in 43 countries worldwide, and you can even top up the card in your own local currency or convert payments into different currencies for a flexible and versatile payment method. As the PaySafeCard is recognised as a trustworthy and secure payment method in online stores and with online entertainment providers such as bingo sites, there are a number of benefits to opting for this method over traditional options such as bank transfers and credit cards.

Are There Both Advantages and Disadvantages of the PaySafeCard?

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The PaySafeCard offers a host of benefits that you don’t get with other forms of payment. Some of these advantages include:

  • Ability to manage spending – for players who have difficulty in controlling their spending and limited the amount that they commit to playing bingo, the PaySafeCard ensures that you stick only to your pre-defined limit. This means that you cannot exceed your budget on a whim.
  • Convenient online reloads – although it is possible to visit an outlet or store when your balance requires a top up, modern technology means that you can reload through your smartphone or tablet using the app.
  • Simple sign ups – it couldn’t be easier to register for PaySafeCard. Simply enter a valid mobile number and email address and you’re good to go. There is also even greater anonymity and security for your banking details since no credit card or bank account details need to be entered.
  • Sold in many locations – PaySafeCards are available for purchase in a huge number of physical stores in numerous locations around the world including petrol stations, supermarkets and stationery stores. This means that it couldn’t be easier to find and buy one.
  • Flexibility – those who opt to use the PaySafeCard have plenty of flexibility in the amount that they top up, with up to £100 being able to be loaded at any one time.
  • Safety and security – all PaySafeCard’s partners and associated bingo sites are regularly checked for compliance, and as no card or bank account details are required, your data is well protected from potential fraud. There is also a 24 hour phone line where you can report the loss or theft of your PIN number so your funds can be frozen. Also, as it is a prepaid card, in a worst case scenario only the loaded funds will be lost and it will never be traceable back to you or your bank details.
  • Works with other payment options – the PaySafeCard works in conjunction with e-Wallets like Skrill and Neteller, which gives bingo players even more payment options.
  • Privacy – if you want to keep your spending a secret, the PaySafeCard allows for anonymous play on bingo sites as there is no link to your personal information or banking details. The payments you may using the PaySafeCard will not appear on your bank statement either.

There are, however, some disadvantages too:

  • Non-use fees – if you have a balance remaining after 12 months, a fee of £2 is charged every following month. Of course, if you play bingo regularly using this payment method, this is not likely to cause a problem.
  • Extra charges – Sometimes, a fee may be charged when you make a PaySafeCard transaction, so check your bingo site to find out whether you are likely to incur a charge. This is possible if you are converting your card’s currency.
  • Deposit only – the PaySafeCard can only be used for making deposits. A different method must be selected when withdrawing winnings.

The PaySafeCard is a reliable and convenient way of making a payment on online bingo sites. If you are looking for a safe and simple way of depositing funds into your gaming account, this trustworthy method is not only a good way of keeping your details private but also one of the best ways of limiting your spending.