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Guide to Playing Bingo on iPhone

The latest iPhone models mean online bingo players are able to enjoy a great new platform on which to play their favourite games. The iPhone and iPad are both great pieces of tech and have certainly grabbed the attention of a whole generation. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is a debate for another day. What we’re concerned with here is playing bingo on an iPhone and whether it’s worth downloading bingo apps for an iPhone or simply sticking with a mobile browser.

Are there any benefits in playing bingo on an iPhone?

There are actually heaps of advantages to playing bingo using an iPhone. In fact, we’ve got to be honest and say there are advantages to playing online bingo using any kind of mobile device. Basically, it’s really rather convenient. And in today’s fast-paced world we all love things made more convenient. The latest devices including iPhones, let you access bingo games as easily as you can access your favourite social media platform or listen to your favourite tunes. It doesn’t matter where you are, playing bingo is now possible everywhere. Provided, of course, you’ve got a stable and reliable internet connection.

Each reincarnation of the iPhone has meant access to better quality games on your mobile device. The majority of games developers are now focusing all their attention on the mobile section of the market, making it even less of an issue to find a wide selection of games. So much so that you’ll find most online bingo games are compatible with iOS software. As with most things, there are disadvantages worth mentioning. These are mainly from the fact that playing bingo means using a mobile platform, and apply to all mobile devices rather than just the iPhone.

Security is always an issue when making any kind of purchase using a mobile device. Try and ensure any deposits you make at an online bingo site are protected as much as possible. And by doing so you can reduce this risk of becoming a victim of fraud. One way to do this is by using an e-wallet for making payments, rather than inputting personal credit or debit card details directly into the payments page of the site. PayPal and Neteller are two very reputable e-wallet payment providers worth mentioning.

Is it better to use downloadable apps or a mobile browser to play iPhone bingo?

Play Online Bingo on Your iPhoneTraditionally, it was downloadable iPhone bingo apps that were the most popular, but there has been a shift towards browser based software. All the top Ireland bingo sites are now developing games with the mobile audience in mind and making websites much more mobile-friendly than they were in the past. Browser based bingo games are great because you get to play games straight away, rather than having to wait for a iPhone bingo app to load. HTML5 has made a huge difference to web based iPhone bingo games and cross device compatibility is now a reality rather than a dream.

Apple has played a huge part in the setting of standards with many of the recent Apple browsing software revisions relying heavily on HTML5. But let’s not forget about those times when Wifi isn’t easily accessible. Let’s face it we’ve all experienced the annoying loss of connection, and this is when downloadable iPhone apps for playing bingo really have an edge. With an iPhone app you never need to miss a game of bingo ever again, regardless of whether you’ve got a signal. Bingo games can be played on an iPhone by way of an app even without an internet connection. We might think we’re always connected but technology does have a tendency to let us down every now and then.

Should you play bingo on an iPhone for real money or just for fun?

When you’re playing bingo using an iPhone you have two options. Do you pay iPhone bingo games just for fun, or should you use real money. iPhone bingo apps that are just for fun cost nothing to play and are free to download. They have a great range of unique game modes and it’s even possible to invite your bingo mates in to certain games. Thereby unlocking extra bonuses or collectibles. Playing at a real money iPhone compatible bingo site means you’ll need to splash some cash. But it will mean a wider choice of games and the possibility of winning serious amounts of money. If you’re lucky that is. There’s no definitive answer to the question. It’s really down to your own preferences. But if you’re playing for real money don’t forget about security. And remember to read the relevant terms and conditions. Because failing to follow them will mean you can’t withdraw any money and where’s the logic in that.

What to look for in an iPhone bingo app

The number of bingo sites offering mobile-compatibility is growing, almost on a daily basis. Which means you can find yourself with hundreds to choose from, each one with different apps available for download. Finding one that suits your playing style and preferences can be very difficult. It’s also difficult to know which ones will operate seamlessly on your mobile device. Read the following advice and you’ll be in a much better position to make the best decision.

  • Look for free play options – Yes the reason you’re playing bingo is to make some money, but there may well be times you just fancy a game without risking any cash. Some of the free games may even offer real money prizes.
  • Payment methods – Always check the payment options when looking for an iPhone bingo site and check whether there are additional charges and fees for making payments.
  • Range of bingo games – You’re bound to have your own favourites so make sure any mobile bingo site you’re considering has them. But consider looking for a variety of other games as well. And for those times when you need a break from bingo look for a mobile bingo site with lots of other options such as slots, scratchcards and casino games.
  • Is the site licensed? – This is very important as picking a licensed and regulated bingo site will offer the most protection. Pick a site that’s unlicensed and you’ll be running the risk of problems you struggle to get resolved.