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Guide to Bingo Apps

Playing bingo using a mobile phone has become the favourite way for most bingo players to play at their preferred bingo site. And it could be an Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows smartphone, possibly even a Blackberry. When you visit any of the major bingo sites available online today you’ll be directed to a mobile-friendly site if you’re using such a device. Some will also offer you the option of downloading an official app.

Downloadable app vs browser app – Which is better?

There are differences between browser games and downloadable apps and we’ll cover a few of them. Which one is better is a difficult question to answer as it’s really down to preference and what you’re actually looking for. But if we give you some of the features you’ll be better placed to make a decision.

  • Instant access – Browser apps, in other words accessing an online bingo website using a mobile browser, makes use of HTML5 technology, which cuts all the website pages down to a mobile-friendly size as well as compatible with touch screen technology. With a browser app there is instant connection to the content, while you’ll have to wait for an a bingo app to be downloaded and then installed before you can register and play any games.
  • Compatibility – Compatibility is an issue with some apps. You may have a problem if your mobile device doesn’t use either iOS or an Android operating system. Whereas with a mobile browser it will make no difference at all. Mobile browsers are universal and work equally well on any device.
  • Extra features – With a downloadable app it’s possible to incorporate features of your phone when playing games. For example, motion control, camera or microphone. With a browser there are none of these features.
  • Load times and logging in – Browsers do have their flaws. Sometimes you may find yourself enduring a long load time and every time you visit a site you’ll have to log in. With an app, on the other hand, once it’s been downloaded and installed access is instantaneous as it’s already there on your device.

As you can see there are a number of advantages and disadvantages for both types of game play. So it’s really down to which you prefer. There are a number of other questions you need to be asking before playing bingo using a mobile app. For example, what type of device is best for playing bingo. We haven’t got enough room to go into all the different options, but let’s look at two of the most popular. iPhones and Android.

iPhone vs Android – Which is the best?

Playing Bingo Anywhere and Everywhere with Mobile Bingo Apps This is an age-old argument that has been bandied about ever since the introduction of mobile phones. iPhone and iPad certainly seem to have cornered the market for a number of years. But queuing up outside the shops to wait for the latest iPhone to hit the shelves? Where’s the logic in that? Are they really that good or have we been fooled by all the marketing and branding hype? We have our own opinion and you’ve likely got your own. What we’re interested in here is how good they both are for gaming. And the truth of the matter is they are really very similar. Both have their good points along with bad points as well. Probably the biggest problem for Android devices is a question of compatibility. It’s more of an issue for the older devices and the newer models have had the issues ironed out. But nevertheless, there can be the odd glitch even with the latest Android phone.

iPhones have much better compatibility with bingo and casino games and are able to run without a hitch on more demanding sites and apps. The issue with the iPhone is its much smaller screen, making the resolution more compressed. The bigger screen, which is more prevalent in Android phones, allows for easier controls as well because there is a much bigger playing area. And final thumbs up for Android devices comes when you consider loading times. There are a selection of games that load much faster on Android than on iPhone. Whichever device you choose or already have, there are a number of important things to consider before downloading an app or visiting a site using a mobile browser.

Tips for choosing the right bingo app to use

The number of mobile bingo sites in Ireland is growing almost on a daily basis. Which makes choosing the best one an increasingly difficult task. Just type ‘mobile bingo’ into any online search and you’ll have thousands of hits. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff we’ve decided to finish up by sharing a few features you need to consider before making any kind of financial commitment:

  • Licensing and regulation – Choose a mobile bingo site that’s licensed and regulated by a recognised body. Playing at a site that doesn’t hold a valid licence is running the risk of problems that can never be resolved.
  • Banking options – Read the small print relating to banking options and make sure you pick a site that’s not going to charge you extra for your preferred method of payment.
  • Free play games – You’ve most likely chosen to play bingo online because you want to earn some extra money playing the games. But it might also be good to have the option of playing free games every now and then. Some free bingo games offer real money prizes for those times when your budget is running a little low.
  • Different types of games – You may have your own preference for the type of bingo game you want to play, but there are a number of different variants and don’t they say a change is as good as a rest?
  • Slots and side games – Are you going to be happy always playing bingo or would it be good to have another option? Many online bingo sites and mobile apps offer slots, casino games, scratchcards and instant win games for a spot of variety.
  • Language and currency settings – Bingo is played online by people all over the world so why shouldn’t you expect to be able to play at a site that’s offered in your own native language and be able to make payments in your own currency so you don’t have to worry about exchange rate fees.