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Guide to Playing Bingo on Android

When online bingo was first introduced players could only enjoy the experience using their desktop. With the introduction of mobile devices it suddenly became possible for players to enjoy a spot of bingo whenever and wherever they pleased. Whether they were waiting in a queue, sitting in the garden, even sat at the top of a mountain, as long as there was a reliable internet connection anything was possible.

When you buy a mobile device, whether it’s a tablet or smartphone, it will use one of several different operating systems. One of the most popular for today’s mobile devices is the Android operating system. If you love playing bingo online and are wondering whether it’s possible using Android phones or tablets we’re here to help you gain a better understanding. And help you discover how easy it is to find the best mobile sites and the best bingo apps for Android. You don’t need to make any compromises when playing Android bingo and it won’t be long before you’re ready to play bingo, or any other online game, whenever and wherever you might be.

Is it possible to play at bingo sites using Android phones?

We’ve been writing a considerable number of online bingo site reviews, and it seems that most brands are very keen on making their sites mobile-friendly. Rather than spending time and money developing specific bingo apps for Android, they are concentrating their efforts on making their sites mobile compatible. Which is good for you because you don’t need to fill the memory of your device with more apps. It’s a very simple process to type the bingo sites address into your mobile browser and access the action. Admittedly, there are a number of sites still lagging behind with regards functionality and variety of games. But you should be able to find one to suit your needs.

Is it possible to play free bingo at the best mobile sites?

There are no shortage of possibilities for those of you looking to play free bingo, whatever type of Android phone or tablet you’re using. Most top online bingo sites in Ireland offer a range of free bingo games and free to play bingo rooms. Some of which are available exclusively for mobile players. You’ve found yourself in the best place because we’ve got the latest information and are only happy to share it with you and make your bingo experience the best one possible.

Can you play slots using an Android device?

Play Bingo on Android DevicesBingo games may the mainstay of the majority of online bingo sites, but you’ll also find most offer alternatives. Playing bingo all the time is likely to get a little boring and don’t they say “a change is as good as a rest”? Being able to play something else is always going to make a site more attractive and one of the most popular alternatives is slots. Fans of slots will be very pleased with all that’s available at online bingo sites, but there are also some great bingo apps for Android that provide slots games as well. Alongside the classical slots games you’ll also be able to find a wide range of video slots machines, massive jackpots in mobile progressive slots, and games for free as well as those that require a real money deposit.

Download an app or use a mobile browser – Which is best?

There’s really not much difference between downloading an app and using a mobile-friendly bingo site. It comes down to personal preference, and possibly how much space you have in the memory of your Android device. What does mobile-friendly mean exactly? It means that when you visit a site using an Android phone or Android tablet the site will shrink automatically to fit the smaller screen. Any games that aren’t compatible with a mobile device will be hidden. At a mobile bingo site it’s possible to signup, register and login just the same as you would using the normal site, and the whole experience won’t be all that different than if you’d decided to download an app.

The bingo site itself would prefer you to download the app, but from our experience not many actually offer such an option. The reasons it might be preferred are because it allows them to push notifications and alerts through to your phone, and the app will be on your homescreen all the time, prompting you to play. There is possibly one reason to play at the site using a mobile browser rather than downloading an official app. More often than not, new games will be available before they appear on the app. This is because any app changes have to wait to be approved by the relevant app store before they can be made. Whereas this is not the same for a mobile-friendly site.

Should you play social games or real money games using an Android device?

When you play bingo using Android devices there are two two types of game to choose from, real money and social games. Playing social games is more of a fun thing to do and won’t cost anything to play along. But it also means there’s no chance to turn a profit. Real money games are the opposite and require players to be far more serious about the games as they involve wagering real money for the chance to win real cash. With real money apps, you’ll also get a far greater selection of games. One last question worth discussing before we move on. And that’s whether it’s better to use Android or iOS devices for playing bingo games. And this will also lead us nicely onto the next couple of pages. Where we’ll be looking at playing bingo on iPhones and iPads.

Android or iOS device – Which is the best?

You’ll hear arguments both for and against in this debate. However, when it comes to gaming experience they’re really quite similar. There are a few differences, but none of them are really significant enough for us to recommend one or the other.